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Please heat the pool (possible only at La Roque and Las Rousigues from May till October, supplement 50€ per week, heating up to 22°C).

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Before you submit the form, you can read some answers to frequently asked questions.

Unfortunately, a different arrival is often not possible. Although you can arrive on a day of your choice, the entire week in which it falls will be charged.

In the off season it is often possible to adjust arrival and departure dates according to your schedule.

To confirm your reservation, you must make a transfer of 25% of the rental amount. The exact amount and further details can be found on the confirmation of reservation, which we send to you by email on reception of this reservation form.

Depending on the time that’s left between your cancellation and the start date of your booking, you will be charged a cancellation fee. See also our terms and conditions. If we are able to re-let the house, only a 50 € booking fee will be charged.
We advise you to take out cancellation insurance.

Pets are allowed in all properties with the exception of Lou Cigalou.

Dogs are naturally not allowed on beds, couches and chairs. And they are not allowed in the pool.

The tap water is of good quality in France. You can drink it without risk.
The key to the house is in a key box and you will receive detailed directions. On the day after arrival you will receive from us an email or SMS and if required we then come to you to get acquainted. Of course you can always call, email or text. We live in the neighborhood!

Some houses have a heated swimming pool. This means that the water can be brought to a few degrees above the normal temperature. For example, if the normal, unheated, temperature is around 15 ° C, we can heat it to about 20°C, depending on the ambient temperature. When the water temperature is below 15°C, it is normally difficult to reach that temperature. This option is particularly interesting in the fore- and after-season (May / June and September / October). The heating option is charged € 50, – week.

This is up to you. You are free to bring your own linen or you can choose to rent it from us. If you choose the latter, there are a few options. You can decide to only take the bedding but you can also rent bathroom linen and/or beach towels separately.With bathroom linen the kitchen linen is included.
On the booking form you can find the options and prices. If you rent your bedding from us, the beds are made!

Conditions of Reservation

A rental agreement is finalized when – within seven days after receipt by the tenant of the email with the lease – the lessor has received a deposit of 25% of the rental fees and MidiMaison has received the contract signed by the tenant. (unless otherwise agreed)
The remaining rental amount, must be transferred at least eight weeks before the start of the rental period on the same account of the landlord.
The security deposit, the stay tax and the fee for linnen (option)  should also be credited at least 8 weeks before the start of the rental period but to the account of MidiMaison.

Late Bookings
If a booking has been made less than 8 weeks before arrival, full payment is required a the time of booking.

Our homes are equipped with a key box (located near the front door of every house).  The code and detailed directions to the house will be sent by email after receipt of the final payment.  To allow us to properly prepare your house, access will be after 16:00.  For the same reason the house must be vacated by 09:30 on the departure date (in the off season these may be adapted to more convenient  times).

Inventory of Fixtures
A list of the condition of the property and inventory is attached to the rental contract

Security deposit
The tenant must pay MidiMaison a security deposit, an amount which will be stated on the first page of the rental agreement, for any damage that may be caused to the property and fixtures. The refund of security deposit shall be made within two weeks maximum from the return of the keys, less any charges for damage and additional electricity (up to 300 Kwh per week is included in the rent, after that the cost will be 0,20 euro /Kwh).
This is by normal use enough for the hot water, lighting and a little heating in the evening in mid-season. Heating in low season is not included.

Tourist tax
The tourist tax, which is a tax rated by the local administration, is not included in the rental price. The amounts may differ per municipality.

General Terms and Conditions
The present rental agreement entails the normal terms and conditions, described hereafter, which the tenant is obliged to respect under penalty of damages or interest being charged or even cancallation of the contract.
1.  The tenant agrees to occupy the premises personally, to live there ” in a prudent and responsible fashion” and to maintain the premises. All installations and equipment are delivered in good working order and any complaints must be submitted within 24 hours after taking possession of the premises.
In addition, the lessor has the right to claim for:
*  the full value, at replacement cost, of equipment and furnishings which are broken, damaged, cracked or chipped  and exceeding any normal wear and tear during the rental period,
*   cleaning of duvets which have been left ​​dirty or stained.
2.   The tenant will do nothing that could disturb the neighbours, nor cause them any trouble of any sort.
3.   The tenant must agree to any vist or access to the premises by the lessor or MidiMaison, if a request is made in advance.
4.   No animals are allowed without prior agreement of the lessor or MidiMaison
5.   The maximum number of people, stated on the first page of the rental agreement, cannot be exceeded.

Both parties (lessor and tenant) agree that, in the event of a cancellation by the tenant, the tenant shall remain liable for the following amounts:

a.  Cancellations submitted up to 8 weeks prior to date of arrival; 25% of the rent.
b.  Cancellations notified between 8 and 4 weeks before date of arrival; 50% of the rent.
c.  Cancellations notified between 4 weeks and the date of arrival; 100% of the rent.
If the lessor is able to re-let the house, only a 50 € booking fee will be charged.
We advise you to take out cancellation insurance.

The lessor cannot be held responsible for accidents, cases of “force majeure” or the actions of any person outside MidiMaison Services having a negative effect on the tenant’s stay.
The lessor nor MidiMaison shall be liable for theft, each tenant is responsible for the safety of their property during their stay by ensuring that doors and windows are locked.
The lessor and MidiMaison decline all responsibility for any loss or reduction of use due to circumstances beyond their control, in particular the loss or interruption of the supply of electricity, water, telephone, internet etc.  Any claims must be directed to the lessor without delay.

Houses with swimming pools: The tenant acknowledges having been informed that, despite the safeguards surrounding the swimming pool, adults should ensure that children are not left unattended.

The tenant must vacate the house on the day of departure before 09:30.

The lessor will be responsible for the final cleaning.
The tenant, however, is asked to leave the house tidy, dishes washed (dishwasher emptied and dishes put away), Cooker hood, fridge and oven cleaned, garbage bags, bottles, boxes etc. removed (see also the checklist available in the house).

Termination Clause
In the case of non-payment of rent and/or other costs or failure to comply with any provision of the contract the lessor can immediately terminate the contract.

In case of dispute, French law applies.